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Pranamat Pillow

Why is the Pranamat® ECO the most popular massage set in the world?

ECO Materials

All the materials that we use are natural and ethically sourced, made to measure and have passed rigorous quality tests.

Natural Cotton

The cotton cover provides another breathable protective layer for Pranamat® ECO.

Material cotton

Coconut fiber

We use coconut fibre as a supportive filler. It’s naturally resistant to dust, mold and odor.

Material coconut

Pure linen

Our sustainable linen is available in a variety of on-trend hues. The Pranamat® ECO colors are produced using bespoke natural dyes.

Material coconut
Material HIPS

HIPS plastic

Is the greenest plastic in existence:


Emits less pollution


less water than production of other types of plastic


consumes less electricity

Designed for those who demand the best

The elegance of the PRANAMAT® ECO acupressure mat is plain to see. We’ve taken care of the finest detail.


All the materials we use are of natural and ethically sourced, custom-made and have passed rigorous quality tests. The STANDARD 100 certificate independently awarded by OEKO-TEX® guarantees that Pranamat® ECO is free from harmful substances and safe for intensive skin contact.

It’s not just the label that’s green

By choosing PRANAMAT® ECO, you not only take care of yourself, but also the planet. PRANAMAT® ECO uses exclusively renewable energy sources for its production.

Green energy

We use GREEN energy in production


100% recyclable

Pranamat pillow

We source our zero-waste materials locally. For example, our coconut fibre filler is a by-product from the food industry. Our signature lotus flowers are made from recyclable plastic that uses less energy and fresh water and produces fewer emissions. In addition our box and User Guide are made with recycled and biodegradable materials.

Green energy

We use GREEN energy in production


100% recyclable

Pranamat pillow
Production team

Sustainable and responsible production in the European Union

When you choose PRANAMAT® ECO acupressure massage, you can rest assured that you are supporting ethical production and a creative, egalitarian and diverse work environment.

Production team

Other exclusive benefits of choosing

100% Safe Materials

Pranamat® ECO lotuses are made of HIPS plastic, which is also used in the production of medical devices and children's toys.

Non toxic

It is completely smooth and non-porous. We have also developed a special heat adhesion technology to attach the lotus flowers. You will not be exposed to toxic glues, acetone or chemical fumes. The filler of the mat is made from natural coconut fiber and the cover is made of pure linen, colored with a natural, bespoke, hypoallergenic dye.